Tractor beam created: the ‘holy grail for laser physicists

Australian Associated Press. The Guardian. 20 Out 2014 - Laser physicists have built a reversible tractor beam and are using it to retrieve tiny particles.

It has nowhere near the pulling power of tractor beams envisaged in science fiction, but the first long-distance optical tractor beam has so far moved particles one fifth of a millimetre in diameter a distance of up to 20cm.

That’s about 100 times further than previous experiments, says Wieslaw Krolikowski of Australian National University. (…)

Russia prepares for ice-cold war with show of military force in the Arctic

The Guardian (Isabelle Mandraud) 21 Out 2014

Vladimir Putin sends troops and jets to oil- and gas-rich region also coveted by Canada, United States, Norway and Denmark.

Yaya is a very small Arctic island, barely one metre above sea level and covering only 500 square metres. Russian pilots discovered it at the beginning of October. With the Admiral Vladimirsky research ship having confirmed its presence in the Laptev Sea, Yaya will soon be added to the map of the Arctic Ocean and will become part of Russian territory, the RIA Novosti state news agency announced.

In its determination to defend its interests in this icy waste, Russia is no longer content to leave its mark, as it did in 2007 when it planted a Russian flag, in a titanium capsule, 4,200 metres below the north pole. Now it is engaging in large-scale militarisation of the Arctic, a vast area coveted by itself and its four neighbours: Canada, the United States, Norway and Denmark. (...)

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